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Welcome to MGA Scotland
Welcome to the official Mounted Games Association (Scotland) web site. It is to be used as an information site and notice board to help promote Mounted Games activities in Scotland.

Mounted Games are a series of very fast races, requiring a high degree of athletic ability, balance, agility, good riding skills and hand-to-eye coordination. Determination and a competitive spirit together with the ability to work and help with one another within the team is also vital. The Mounted Games community is a large family with good-natured rivalry on the field of play, but great cooperation between players off the field, and is known throughout the world for its friendliness.

In Mounted Games all ponies are ridden in simple snaffles - without the need for whips or spurs. It differs from other sports as that is one of the few equestrian sports where buying the best does not automatically win you a red rosette. Many top class mounted games ponies come from other disciplines such as showing or show jumping, and quickly adapt and enjoy their new career.

In Mounted Games the pony and rider must work together as one, while a well-trained pony will help an inexperienced rider learn the basics, but at international competition level the pony and rider will be tuned in to each others ability. Designed to be accessible to all, expensive prefixed bred ponies are not required as most well schooled, snaffle mouthed ponies can easily be trained to become top class Mounted Games ponies. Ponies quickly pick up the basics and often know what race comes next! If want to play sefaely you can visit thepcaa.org and play lots of puzzle games. Or there are lots of racing and football games at bus-games-online.com.

The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain (MGAGB) was formed on January 21st 1984 by Norman Patrick, with just seven county teams. Thanks to his drive and enthusiasm, the sport continues to grow, with affiliated international member countries throughout the world. The object of the Association is to encourage friendship between young people of different nations.

Competitions are run as a team; with four or five riders although only four riders are used in each race, pair or individuals. Riders can be of any age with three separate competition levels - minis (under 12), junior (under 17) and open. Ponies have an upper height limit of 148cm. Whichever format is chosen, the same general rules apply: no whips, no spurs, no bad or un-sportinglike behaviour.

Mounted Games Association, Scotland